WAEC Endowment Fund Lectures

The Fund also sponsors the Annual Endowment Fund Lecture. The following are the lectures delivered so far:

YearLecture Topic and Presenter
March 1996“The Role of WAEC in the Promotion of Democracy, Sustainable Development
and International Cooperation in West Africa” – by Prof. (Emeritus) E. A. Boateng
1997“The Dual Mandate: Teaching and Examining” – by Prof. (Emeritus) Eldred D. Jones
1998“Not in Our Stars” – by Prof. V. Chukwuemeka Ike
1999“And Miles to Go Before I Sleep” – by Dr. Lenrie Peters
2000“Save and Encourage the Best but Don’t Neglect the Rest” – by Mr. Moore T. Worrel
2001“The Language Factor in Education: Teaching, Learning and Examining” –
by Prof. Florence A. Dolphyne
2002“Education for National Development” – by Prof. J. A. A. Ayoade
2003“The Role and Relevance of The West African Examinations Council within the
context of the Realities and Challenges of our Time” – by Dr. Mam Biram Joof
2004“Developing and Strengthening a Sustainable Modern Science and
Technology Human Resource Base and Culture in West Africa” – by Prof.
Ernest H. M. Wright
2005“Taking Stock of the Remnants after the Years of the Locust” – by Monsignor
Dr. Robert G. Tikpor
2006“Quality Assurance in Public Examinations” – by Prof. Ivan Addae-Mensah
2007“The Teacher in Leadership” – by Prof. I. E. Nwana
2008“Enhanced Agricultural Education: An Inevitable Necessity for our Survival”
– by Rt. Rev. Dr. S. Tilewa Johnson
2009“Globalisation and the Challenges for Education in a Post-Conflict Situation:
A Sierra Leonean Perspective” – by Prof. Abdullah A. Mansaray
2010“The West African Examinations Council: Pan-Africanism, Gender and Development” – by Dr. D. Evelyn S. Kandakai
2011“Towards Excellence in the Teaching and Learning of the Language of Science” – by Prof. D. A. Akyeampong
2012“Nipping Educational Failure in the Bud” – by Prof. Pius Augustine Ike Obanya
2013“Rethinking Teaching, Learning and Examining for Quality Enhancement in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Roles, Challenges and Prospects of Digital Technologies” – by Prof. Mohammadou M. O. Kah
2014“Last to be Hired, First to be Fired: Addressing the Challenges of Teacher
Management in the Provision of Quality Education in Sierra Leone” – by
Prof. E. J. D. Thompson.
2015“What Else Are We Writing on the Slate: A Holistic Preparation of the Youth” – by Hon. Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan.
2016“Performance in Mathematics and Science: Breaking the Jinx” – by Prof.
Jonathan A. Fletcher
2017“Revamping Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students: The
Pivotal Role of WAEC from a Nigerian Perspective” – by Prof. Amos Shaibu
2018“Development Partners/Government Partnership in Education Sector
Financing: Perspectives on Respective Roles, Opportunities and
Responsibilities in the Identification of Needed Improvement Interventions,
the Eventual Design of Related Projects and the Provision of the Conditions
for Effective Implementation.” – by Dr. Baboucarr S. Sarr
2019“Innovative Approaches to Measuring Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes of Students” – by Prof. Joe A. D. Alie
2020“How has the West African Examinations Council Impacted the Development
of a Wholesome Functional Citizen?” – by Hon. Samuel D. Tweah
2021“Treading on Slippery Ground: Calling Education to Account” – by Prof. Kafui Etsey
2022“Assessing the Assessor: Looking Back and Looking Forward” – by Prof. Ngozi Azuka Usarenren

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